Great Heck Brewery

Guest Beers

Guest beers available from  20th August

  3 Piers

Poulton le Fylde



West Coast Blonde (1) 4.6% Hoppy and bitter with a chinook, cascade and citra blend to give an all round fresh pallete and moreish taste.
Donkey Lashers (1) 4.8% A refreshing mouth watering fruity ale with the taste of Magnum hops, perfect for warm sunny days







Brentwood Best (2) 4.2% Best bitter made with a good dose of Challenger and EKG hops giving a well rounded flavour and aroma. Light copper in colour
Hop & Glory (2) 4.5% Full bodied red premium bitter. A well balanced bitter with full malt flavours and a  lightness of the hops coming through in the flavour, leaving a pleasing end note and lingering bitterness.
Lumberjack  (1) 5.2% strong, slightly sweet, full bodied bitter is brewed using traditional English Fuggles and EKG hops to give a round, hoppy finish.




Gold  (1)


4.4% Made with a blend of Caramalt and Maris Otter malt and brewed using lashings of English Fuggles hops for fresh vitality and distinctly herbal, earthy notes, if you’re searching for a beer full of character, ‘X’ marks the spot.







Quadhop (1) 3.9% Pale in colour with four varieties of hops. (Challenger, East Kent Goldings, Pioneer, and Styrian Goldings) provide a full range of floral and citrus aromas, and a moreish bitterness that drinks superbly down the glass.
Nelsons Delight (1) 4.5% A well hopped, yet mellow amber bitter. The subtle aroma and flavour of dark rum adds sweetness to this well balanced premium brew

 Worksop. Notts

Delovetot  (1) 4.2% Golden Ale with hints of citrus mellow, lemon and grapefruit and good long bitter finish
 Great Newsome

 Hull, E. Yorks



Elderflower Power (10 4.6% Straw-coloured premium pale ale flavoured with seasonal elderflower. Moderately bittered using UK hops, the classic British Golding, First Gold, Archer and Olicana, with a hearty addition of Golding for aroma.
 Green Jack























Golden Best (2) 3.8% Easy drinking session beer brewed with German lager hops and locally grown East Anglian malt. Golden Best has a light floral aroma, clean and crisp and a slightly crisp finish.
Mandarina (2) 4.2% A bright golden ale brewed with fresh and dry orange peel. It has been brewed using the fruity and citrussy hop Mandarina Bavaria to give a distinct tangerina flavour, a floral aroma and a smooth subtle bitterness with a soft sweetish finish. Best Seller
Jester (3) 4.4% Jester a brand new brew for 2018,it  has been brewed using the new English hop Jester which showcases tropical fruit flavours giving this hoppy pale ale a fruity aromas with a long bitter finish.
Trawlerboys Best Bitter (2) 4.6% A full-bodied, copper coloured, premium bitter brewed with English whole cone hops, rich and malty with fruity hopy hop flavours.
Lurcher Stout (2) 4.8% Rich smooth stout, a roasty dark ale with mature blackcurrant in the aroma and fruity, hoppy bitterness in the taste quickly giving way to a long, sweetish aftertaste.
Red Herring (1) 5.0% Rich, fruity red ale, brewed with Oak and Beech smoked malts, giving the beer its subtle smokey flavour and dry smokey finish. It is brewed with inspiration from German ‘rauch’ beers.
Gone Fishing

ESB (1)

5.5% This Extra Special Bitter is very traditonal in style, even though it is brewed with American hops. A deel amber coloured ale,  it is fruity and malty and goes down far too easily for a beer of this strength.
Masheer IPA (1) 5.8% India Pale Ale as it was always intended to be strong bitter and very hoppy! Named after the legendary Golden Mahseer, which is the most highly prized fish a freshwater angler can catch.
Flower Power (3) 6.0% Flower Power 6.0% is the stronger version of our most popular seasonal ale Summer Dream, only brewed once a year on the ten barrel plant, the forty firkins we brew are in high demand. A clean crisp pale ale with fantastic fresh floral aroma


S. Yorks

Na then but not Nah then (1) 3.9% Citra Pale Ale









Hoppily Ever After (2) 3.8% Pale session ale hopped with British endeavour for a light aromatic and very drinkable flavour.
Wanderers (1) 3.9% session IPA designed to be thirst quenching and moreish whilst fulfilling our hop lust with every mouthful. Tropical hop notes from around the world, take a wander.
Roam (2) 4.5% ew world pale ale brewed with hops from America and New Zealand, Heavy with tropical aroma and flavour
7 for a Secret (2) 5.8% Full of British hop flavour with tropical notes and a crisp bitterness

 Newark, Notts




Hop & Glory (2) 4.3% Well hopped for a fresher flavour with a citrus and herbaceous aroma
Mosquito (2) 4.5% Well balance with a lingering bitter finish
Boston Bitter (2) 5.0% American brown ale, full bodied with a bold fruity hop finish



Pirates Gold (1) 4.5% Golden coloured sweet beer with a bitter finish from the Admiral hops

 Wigan, Lancs


Big John (1) 4.8% A dark stout with a smokey liquorice flavour, a smell of toffee and roasted coffee and a satisfying bitter aftertaste. VF


W. Yorks

Switch #10 (1) 4.5% Light golden pale ale with a hop bill that switches every two months

(Ahtanum & Summit Pale)

 Stod Fold

Halifax, W. Yorks








Gold (1) 3.8% Golden in colour with a light bitter finish. Traditional ale hops are used to produce a timeless, smooth pale. Beware, you will want another!
Calypso (2) 3.9% Single Hopped American light ale with flavours and aromas of orchqaard fruits and citrusy lime.
Dark Porter (2) 4.8% Robust porter, full using various true Porter malts including Chocolate, Crystal, Pale and Black malt with Torrified wheat. Hopped with East Kent Goldings and Bramling Cross with subtle notes of chocolate raisins and blackcurrant.
 Three Castles



Two Half’s (1) 4.4% Chestnut, Rich and Hoppy

 Ashby de la








Viking Gold (1) 4.2% Citra Hopped golden ale
Red Star(1) 4.5% Modern smooth IPA with American hops to finish
Billy’s Best Bitter (1) 4.6% Billy’s Best is a smooth bitter that is easy drinking but with the strength of a Best Bitter. This beer is brewed to celebrate hard work and the rewards of the harvest
High Street (1) 4.7% Dark premium bitter, malty and rich
DSB (1) 5.7% Derbyshire strong bitter, malty and rich
 True North


Mana (1) 5.0% New Zealand Pale ale. Full of hoppy flavour with strong citrus finish

 Canterbury, Kent



Fortitude (1) 4.2% This Best Bitter combines four types of malts to give depth of body, with English and American hops for a pronounced hop finish
Ravening Wolf (1) 5.9% A strong New Zealand Pale Ale. Toasted biscuit and rye malt flavours support a pine lemon hop crispness with a hint of vanilla.
 Welbeck Abbey

 Worksop, Notts
















Henrietta (3) 3.6% Clean-tasting, delicate golden ale, brewed with German Hallertau Brewers Gold which contribute notes of honeysuckle and fresh hay
Red Feather (2) 3.9% Distinctly English, it blends a robust bitterness with caramel notes from Crystal malts to create a moreish Amber Beer
Kaiser (3) 4.1% Kaiser uses premium German lager hops which give this extra pale beer it’s biscuity-sweet but refreshingly herbaceous flavour.
Harley (3) 4.3% Harley uses a blend of American and German hops to give an opulently floral honey-colour ale. Orange blossom and fresh zest are at the forefront with subtle sweetness behind.
Marks Lager & Lime (3) 4.4% Special  Refreshing Lager pepped up with a twist of lime
Portland Black (2) 4.5% Rich, velvety dark porter. Subtle smoke, chocolate and iced coffee flavours from roasted malts are topped off with a distinctly vanilla aroma.
Cavendish (1) 5.0% Cavendish is a beautifully balanced blonde with crisp, zingy grapefruit flavours powering through.





BST (3) 4.5% A zesty pale ale with rounded bitterness and crisp pleasant lemon and grapefruit aromas. Almost lager like in appearance and taste we can think of no better beer for a hot sunny day in a garden!