Great Heck Brewery

Guest Beers

Guest beers available from 23rd April


 Barnsley, S. Yorks

Darkness (1) 4.2% Aromatic roast malts give this mild a deep ruby colour and Fuggles hops give a mild level of bitterness and aroma
Heart of Oak (1) 4.5% Pale straw coloured premiu bitter. Slight sweet biscuit malt background with the fruity hop aromas of Apricot, Melon, lemon and Passionfruit.
Dragon (1) 5.0% Latest of the single hop range
 B & T

 Shefford, Bed

Edwin Taylors Extra Stout (1) 4.5% A pleasant bitter beer with a strong roast malt flavour

 W,  Yorks





Goldy Locks (1) 4.0% Made using Pale Crystal malt, giving a delicate toffee aftertaste. Cascade aroma hop provides a refreshing citrus flavour.
Bantams Gold (1) 4.2% Golden ale is brewed using a combination of East Kent Goldings and Saaz hops, giving smooth earthy flavours with a little of honey and pleasant subtle herbal and spice overtones and a hint of caramel in the back taste. Award Winning.
 Blue Bee





Comet Pale (1) 3.9% Pale Session ale showcasing the Comet hop which imparts citrus and grapefruit aromas
Hillfoot Best (1) 4.0% Traditional best bitter with roast malt flavours and fruity hop finish
Cascade IPA (1) 5.3% Single hopped IPA brewed using the classic American hop Cascade with imparts floral and citrus flavours,
 Cross Bay



Zenith (1) 5.0% The word zenith is used to describe when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky. This light, bright coloured IPA is brewed for the arrival of Spring.
 Lincoln Green



Marion (1) 3.8% Full bodied pale ale with grapefruit citrus aroma and a biscuit malt finish.
 Mad Squirrel

Pottern End


London Porter (1) 5.0% A dark and foreboding ale, London Porter is a brew of mystery and intrigue. Hidden within its shadowy depths are lurking notes of coffee, chocolate and smoke. Just like its namesake city, there is always more to discover in London Porters unlit complexity.



Lincoln Magna Carta (1) 5.0% Full bodied golden amber ale made with Progress and Perle hops




Hildur (1) 4.8% Hazy rhubarb wheat pale brewed with early season Yorkshire rhubarb and fruity Calypso hops. Definitely tastes of rhubarb!
Amarillo (1) 5.5% Single hopped IPA showcasing Amarillo hops for orange and citrus flavours





Umbel Ale (1) 3.8% We’ve been messing around with coriander in beer since 1988. The coriander in our multi-award winning Umbel Ale gives a floral aroma, fruity tang and a well-rounded finish
Umbel Magna


5.0% Step back in time and experience the wonderful spiciness of this fabulous 1750’s recipe inspired Porter which includes coriander.


W. Yorks

Tarzan Boy 4.5% A juicy Junga & tropical fruit red ale.
 Severn Brewing

 Wotton under










Copper Ale (4) 3.8% Classic English Ale using Pilgrim, Cascade and Brambling Cross Hops. A subtle bitterness balanced with smooth malt notes and fruity hops on the finish.
Double Hopped Pale Ale (4) 4.2% Hopped in the boil and during fermentation, with Ahtanum hops and the wonderfully aromatic Simcoe hop,to produce a flavour sensation.
Golden IPA (5) 4.5% Rich and full bodied IPA, using Citra, Cascade & Mosaic hops. A robust, fruity flavoured ale.
Ruby Porter (4) 4.8% Dark and delicious porter with deep roasted malt flavours. Balanced with traditional English hops.
 Slightly Foxed


W. Yorks

Arctic fox (1) 4.5% Dark amber  ale, hopped with Chinook and Aurora giving a burst of fruit flavours
 Spitting Feathers


RSI  (1) 5.6% Pale malts and cutting edge hops combine to produce this moreish I.P.A.
 True North


Best Bitter (3) 3.8% Malty sweet traditional brown ale which is balanced with the spice and bitterness of bramling cross, a great uk hop.
Blonde (2) 4.0% Golden ale that is all about easy drinking with smooth vanilla and floral flavours. Low on bitterness and full on flavour.
Chinook Pale (1) 4.3% Pale ale hopped with Chinook for a grapefruit,spicy pine like aroma and flavour
IPA (2) 5.0% Our full bodied ipa is full of complex fruity aromas and subtle pine flavours.
 XT Brewing

 Long Crendon


Animal Gribbit (1) 4.6% Golden Pale Ale with lots of West Coast Hops


Guest beers available from 25th  April

 Empire Brewing


Hudds. W. Yorks








Fakir (1) 3.7% American Pale ale
Moonrakers Mild (1) 3.8% Our special award winning chocolatey, 10 malt dark mild.
Golden Warrior (1) 3.8% A very pale, easy drinking session ale, created with an eclectic mix of Anglo-US hops.
Fluke (1) 4.1% Pale and Fruity
Dangerous Dave (1) 4.1% American Pale Ale
White Lion (1) 4.3% Pale and  well balanced with citrussy grapefruit flavours
Red  Lion (1) 4.3% Red Session Ale (NZ & US Combo)

 Canterbury, Kent
















Black Prince (2) 3.9% A rich, full bodied Kent mild, smooth on the pallet with subtle hop notes. Gold Medal at the South East Regional Championship – September 2015. SIBA National Silver award 2016.
Imperium (2) 4.0% A deep amber Best Bitter with smooth biscuit malts and a hoppy nose. Brewed exclusively with locally grown Kent Bullion hops.
Montgomery (2) 4.0% Amber best bitter exploding with citrus aromas and using exclusively American hops
Fortitude (2) 4.2% This Best Bitter combines four types of malts to give depth of body, with English and American hops for a pronounced hop finish
Dynamo (3) 4.3% A crisp, light golden ale, fruity and floral with an orange citrus twist.
Yellow Tail (3) 4.5% A 5 hop spring ale, using New Zealand hops to create a sweet floral taste. This fruity ale is pale in colour, with mild malt flavours and a hint of vanilla.
Hengist (2) 5.0%  This golden pale ale has flavours of biscuit malt balancing a long fruit hop.
Ravening Wolf (2) 5.9% A strong New Zealand Pale Ale. Toasted biscuit and rye malt flavours support a pine lemon hop crispness with a hint of vanilla.
 Welbeck Abbey

















Henrietta (4) 3.6% A clean-tasting, delicate golden ale, brewed with German Hallertau Brewers Gold which contribute notes of honeysuckle and fresh hay.
Tinks Pixie Dust (2) 3.8% A fruity session ale brewed from a magical blend of hops from three continents.
Red Feather (2) 3.9% Robust auburn ale. Plenty of crystal malt gives this beer a rich colour and combination of bold walnut and bitter-sweet caramel flavours.
Kaiser (3) 4.3% Kaiser uses premium German lager hops which give this extra pale beer it’s biscuity-sweet but refreshingly herbaceous flavour.
Harley (2) 4.3% Harley uses a blend of American and German hops to give an opulently floral honey-colour ale. Orange blossom and fresh zest are at the forefront with subtle sweetness behind.
Portland Black (2) 4.5% A rich, velvety dark porter. Subtle smoke, chocolate and iced coffee flavours from roasted malts are topped off with a distinctly vanilla aroma.
Cavendish (3) 5.0% Cavendish is a beautifully balanced blonde with crisp, zingy grapefruit flavours powering through.


Guest beers available from 30th  April







Arbor Light (3) 3.6% An extremely clean session beer. Lovely hop aroma. Satisfying clean sharp bitterness right the way through with a dry finish, but this beer has plenty of body. Its about as far away from being dirty and cloying as a brewer could possibly get. Excellent session beer any time of day.
Magic Mushroom Mild (2) 3.8% This dark mild contains roast barley and crystal malts but uses lactose to increase body and texture . Sweet aroma, distinctive mix of roast malty flavours combine with that milk stout  character winding up with a smooth finish.
Hartington Bitter (2) 4.0% A classic well hoped session beer. Deep malt and hop aroma slightly floral with spicy notes. Bitterness and lovely liquid malt combine in perfect balance followed by a satisfying dry finish. Fantastic for a big session or just a pint.
Earl Grey Bitter (2) 4.2% Golden brown coloured English ale brewed using 3 English hop varieties with the addition of some dark crystal malt. This has given extra depth to flavour, body and colour which, with considerable dry hop bitterness, makes this a beautiful beer and a proper ale.

Beautiful hoppy, fruity aroma. Warm malty start, with slight toffee notes, soon gives to dry hoppy bitterness developing into a lasting dry and complex finish making you want more. A lot more! Enjoy…

Hartington IPA (2) 4.5% Malty nose combined with delicate hop aroma. Very smooth on the palate, maltiness dominates joined with subtle pear notes from the hop. Lightly sweetish but unmistakable finish.
Red House Porter (2) 4.7%  
Flower Power (3) 5.3% A full on pale ale with a big hop presence. Huge hop nose on this. Warmth of malt soon gives to big citrus grapefruit and slightly herby hop flavours. It eventually develops into a complex lasting finish. Dry and packed full of complex flavours.
Dougal (2) 5.8%