Great Heck Brewery

Guest Beers

Guest beers available from 25th June


 W. Yorks

Endeavour (2) 3.7% Single hopped Blonde using British hop Endeavour. Blackcurrant, loganberry and spice notes best describe the aroma. A wonderful grapefruit and lime flavour, but not too overpowering, with a slight bitterness. Easily quaffable.


Rare Breed (2) 3.8% Rare Breed is a distinctive, clean tasting pale ale with a smooth, citrus twist. A bold, standout beer that’s one of a kind.
El Toro (2) 4.0% English Hopped Pale with Wheat


4.4% Made with a blend of Caramalt and Maris Otter malt and brewed using lashings of English Fuggles hops for fresh vitality and distinctly herbal, earthy notes, if you’re searching for a beer full of character, ‘X’ marks the spot.









New Forest Ale (2) 3.8% A bronze coloured best bitter. A combination of roasted malts and rich, aromatic hops provide a well rounded flavour and a distinctive hoppy bitterne
Quadhop (1) 3.9% Pale in colour with four varieties of hops which provide a full range of floral and citrus aromas, and a moreish bitterness that drinks superbly down the glass.
Nelsons Delight (1) 4.5% A well hopped, yet mellow amber bitter. The subtle aroma and flavour of dark rum adds sweetness to this well balanced premium brew




Cambridge Bitter (2) 3.8% Mid brown bitter with a good balance of malt and hop character
Golden Newt (2) 4.1% Pale session bitter with a prominent hop character; a blend of Fuggles, Golding and Cascade


S. Yorks




Platinum Blonde (1)


4.0% Popuar and award winning blonde ale brewed using low colour Maris otter with a combination of American Hops for a tropical fruit and  grapefruit grapefruit burst with a smooth bitterness
Stout Wi’ Nowt Tekkn’ Owt (1) 6.0% Creamy stout is full of flavours, sweet toffee and coffee. Bramling Cross has been added late in the copper to give a wonderful sweet spice, floral and light blackcurrant hints.





5 for Silver (2) 3.9% Hopped with British Cascade and Olicana to create an easy drinking summer session IPA
Magpie Best (1) 4.2% Our classic traditional best bitter, glowing copper and full of malt character, balanced by some fantastic fruity British hops, First Gold and Bramling Cross.







Summit Hoppy (1) 4.0% Pale and hoppy session beer packed with a mountain of American summit hops
Chocolate Mild (1) 4.0% Rich mild with added coco nibs
Magnum Mild (1) 4.5% Dark strong flavorsome multi award winning mild.
Pirates Gold (1) 4.5% Golden colored sweet beer with a bitter finish from the Admiral hops



Demeter (1) 6.0% Liberally dry hopped IPA brewed with spelt, wheat and oats for loads of body and a satisfying mouthfeel.  Low on bitterness but big on aroma and hop character.



Cascade Black (1) 4.4% Black IPA style beer with light roast flavour and US cascade for aroma


Switch #10 (1) 4.5% Light golden ale with a hop bill that switches every 2 months (Summit % Athanum)

N. Yorks



Trident (1) 3.8% Pale session beer for flavours of lemon and passion fruit.
Old Sailor (1) 4.9% SIBA award winning American style golden pale ale packed with hops for tropical flavours and a hoppy aroma


4 Wood (1) 4.5% Full bodied traditional Best Bitter






Black (1) 3.7% Dark with a tempting nutty aroma, smooth creamy Stout, rich yet mild,  this well balanced Stout is complemented with a fantastic white head and has a flavoursome taste will satisfy the most discerning palates.
 Three Castles






Armour Plated (1) 4.0% Brown, light & easy drinking, but full of passion fruit & citrus flavours. Leading to a dry malty finish.
Heritage (1) 4.2% A chestnut bronze. Bitter with a smooth taste. ‘A traditional English Beer’.
Two Half’s (2) 4.4% Chestnut, Rich and Hoppy  (world cup beer)
 True North


Best Bitter (2) 3.8% A malty sweet traditional brown ale which is balanced with the spice and bitterness of bramling cross, a great uk hop.

Canterbury, Kent






Imperium (1) 4.0% A deep amber Best Bitter with smooth biscuit malts and a hoppy nose. Brewed exclusively with locally grown Kent Bullion hops.
Fortitude (1) 4.2% This Best Bitter combines four types of malts to give depth of body, with English and American hops for a pronounced hop finish
Hengist (1) 5.0% This golden pale ale has flavours of biscuit malt balancing a long fruit hop.
Ravening Wolf (2) 5.9% A strong New Zealand Pale Ale. Toasted biscuit and rye malt flavours support a pine lemon hop crispness with a hint of vanilla.


Guest Beers available from 28th June

 First Chop

 Salford, Manc.












AVA (4) 3.5% Hopping with Saaz makes this beer reminiscent of classic continental lager but then comes that big craft ale punch we have all come to love from the Galaxy and Columbus.
SUP (4) 3.9% Pale amber, IPA style with a lower abv. but no holding back on the hops. Big tropical fruit notes with a spicy, resinous, smooth bitter finish. Dry hopped with Mosaic.
POD (3) 4.2% Classic oatmeal stout, the vanilla really bringing out the chocolate flavours, beautifully balanced bitterness and peppery, spicy hopping with hints of citrus.
MCR (3) 4.4% Modern Manchester Bitter. Rich and malty with lingering bitterness and tropical fruit and citrus hop notes coming through.
IPA (4) 5.0% NEW –  East coast style IPA.
 Great Newsome

 E. Yorks


Old Fergie (1) 4.4% Classic brown ale, rich with roast malt, chocolate, toffee and biscuit flavours all prominent. Grassy, resin hop notes come through in the moderate bitterness and aroma to balance the ale


Guest Beers available from w/c 2nd July

















Brentwood IPA (1) 3.7% A lightly hopped pale session bitter. A refreshing pint after a hard day at work.
Marvellous Mild (1) 3.7% Delicate dark brown mild has just a hint of maple syrup coming through in the finish.
Legacy (1) 4.0% Class in a Glass! Amber bitter, slightly sweet with light hoppy finish. Easy drinking at its best.
Brentwood Best (2) 4.2% Best bitter made with a good dose of Challenger and EKG hops giving a well rounded flavour and aroma. Light copper in colour
Brentwood Gold (1) 4.3% A rich, golden beer with a slight sweet malt character and heavily hopped with powerful fruity Cascade hops that come through at the end, providing a great finish.
Hope & Glory (2) 4.5% Full bodied red premium bitter. A well balanced bitter with full malt flavours and a  lightness of the hops coming through in the flavour, leaving a pleasing end note and lingering bitterness.
Elephant school

Hefalump (1)

4.5% Apricot Hefeweizen (Hazy)

 Worksop. Notts







Enchanted (1) 3.9% New Beer : A Magical pale ale with hints of pear fruit. Clean and fresh with a hint of spice to finish. Soft bitter aftertaste with a creamy finish
Bedlam Square (1) 4.0% Floral aroma. Hopped with Amarillo, Chinook, Simcoe, Columbus and Citra. Hoppy Citrus pale ale with passion fruit overtones and a hoppy finish.
Delovetot  (2) 4.2% Golden Ale with hints of citrus mellow, lemon and grapefruit and good long bitter finish