Great Heck Brewery

Guest Beers

Guest beers available as at 21st October

 3 Piers

Poulton le Fylde


West Coast Blonde (2) 4.6% Hoppy and bitter with a chinook, cascade and citra blend to give an all round fresh palate and moreish taste
 4 Ts Brewery




Geronimo (1) 4.2% Session IPA, extra pale in colour brewed with Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and finished with an air strike of simcoe hops to finish. Resulting in a smooth bitterness with explosions of citrus and grapefruit.

Clay Cross





Rusty (1) 4.2% Traditonal style English Bitter
Nodder (1) 4.2% Traditional  English Mild Ale
1910 Porter (1) 5.0% Traditional porter
Coffin Lane Stout (1) 5.0% Warming chocolate and coffee flavours are enhanced by a slightly bitter finish of Fuggles hops.
Sundial (1) 6.3% Antipodean hopped, strong golden ale.



W. Midlands.

The Hoard (1 3.9% A golden bitter. Refreshingly dry, with a pleasantly balanced iscuit malt flavour.


West Yorks

Clocktower Porter (2) 5.5% Black in the glass, stable off-white nitro head, spotty lacing. Coffee nose, nicely roasted. Mid-sweet flavours of chocolate and coffee, backdrop of dark fruits.
 Crafty Little



East Yorks

Black Ryeno (1) 4.5% This ale delivers a stampede of flavour – earthy, malty rye followed by balanced notes of liquorice, smoke and a hint of blackberry.  

 Colwick, Notts

Clippings IPA (1) 6.5% A traditional strong IPA at 6.5% golden in colour with crushed gooseberry and bitter white wine hop flavours.
 Frome Brewery









Same Again (2) 3.9% A full bodied nut brown beer with a good balance of malt and hops on the nose. Brewed with Citra hops giving a smooth, full bodied taste with hints of caramel and dry biscuit.
The Usual (1) 4.4% A smooth malty copper coloured beer with fruity aromas and flavours that exhibit elements of apple, pear and stone fruit, brightened with hints of lime citrus.
Beer (2) 5.0% Flirtatious blonde beer with musky hoppiness and citrus fruit on the nose, while more fruit surges forward on the palate before the bitter-sweet finish.









Gods Own County (1) 3.8% Traditional Yorkshire Bitter


Platinum Blonde (2) 4.0% Blonde ale using low colour Maris Otter, oats and wheat malt with a combination of American hops for a tropical and grapefruit burst with a smooth bitterness.
Rocker ESB (1) 5.1% Extra Special Bitter
Smashin Passion (1) 5.5% Collabortion brew with Steel City

Passionfruit IPA.   Unfined and Hazy.

Amici (1) 5.5% Macchiato Stout
 Industrial Ales


Arkwrights Pale

Jester (1)

4.1% Single hopped Engish Pale
 Iron Pier

 Gravesend, Kent









Perry St Pale (1) 3.7% Brewed with Citra, Centennial and Simcoe. Light, crisp and fruity. This session pale is guaranteed to give you that citrus kick!
Amber (3) 3.9% A well balanced Amber Ale with malty character from Maris Otter Barley and with all British hops to give subtle aromatic spice and fruitiness.
Bitter  (4) 4.0% An easy drinking bitter brewed using English hops. Honey and Toffee flavours are complimented by spicy hops and a smooth bitter finish
Cast Iron Stout (2) 4.7% Dark chocolate and coffee are hugely prominent in this highly drinkable smooth stout brewed with 7 different malts
 Lincoln Green

 Hucknall, Notts


Dodge (1) 4.5% American Hopped IPA with orange tones
Longbow (1) 5.0% This pale ale has been tweaked to enhance the New Zealand hops which really pack a punch in this pale ale


Thieving Rogue (1) 4.5% Super pale with a floral hop character from classic British hops, and a light biscuit note from 100% Maris Otter malt.

 Cromwell, Notts

Hammer Head (2) 5.6% Full flavoured robust stout with liquorice note and coffee and chocolate flavours.


Blonde (1) 5.0% This smooth drinker has a yeasty, almost sour note – reminiscent of a Belgian-style golden ale. It’s good malt character and wheaty notes are balanced with a touch of fruity yeast flavours, light sweetness and a hint of banana.

With the bitterness and light sourness working in perfect harmony with a robust ABV backbone, this ale is an easy drinker and a real crowd pleaser.

 North Cotswold



















Windrush Ale (2) 3.6% A thirst quenching amber coloured session bitter, brewed with English Challenger and First Gold hops for a traditional taste. A malty slightly sweeter palate
Moreton Mild (2) 3.8% A rich smooth dark mild with a nutty palate.  Vanilla / Roasted and Smoky
Fosseway Flanker (1) 3.8% A refreshing pale sweet chariot hoppy session ale
Green Man (1) 4.0% Double hopped light golden IPA
Bards Best (1) 4.2% A cask conditioned golden ale, a vibrant hoppy ale with subtle hints of citrus.
Shagweaver (2) 4.5% A pale hoppy bitter brewed with a blend of three New Zealand hops. Appeals to both ale and lager drinkers alike. Also great with spicy food
Tumbling Jack (2) 4.8% A refreshing slightly sweet copper hoppy ale with a fruity aroma
Hung Drawn ‘n’ Portered (1) 5.0% Strong, dark treacle coloured porter, with Bramling Cross hops and a malty finish. An ale that harks back to 18th century London. Descended from brown beer, porter is a well hopped beer made from dark roasted malt.
 Quirky Ales




ITA (1) 4.8% A Quirky Hybrid beer where an IPA meets a Brown Ale. Classic British malt profile with punchy American Summit Cascade and Amarillo Hops combine to produce a beer with multiple flavours on the palate.


W. Yorks.

Don’t you forget about me (1) 5.1% Extra special Bitter
 Severn  (S7N)

 Wotton under Edge










Copper (1) 3.8% Classic English Ale using Pilgrim, Cascade and Brambling Cross Hops. A subtle bitterness balanced with smooth malt notes and fruity hops on the finish.
Conversion Bitter (2) 4.4% A full bodied best bitter with a strong malt base, together with Pilgrim and Bramling Cross Hops. A traditional bitter ale with a good kick of hops. Give it a try – you’ll be converted!
Golden IPA (1) 4.5% Rich and full bodied IPA, using Citra, Cascade & Mosaic hops. A robust, fruity flavoured ale.
Ruby Porter (1) 4.8% Dark and delicious porter with deep roasted malt flavours. Balanced with traditional English hops.

 Barry, S. Wales

South Island (2) 4.2% NZ Maori (very) pale ale. Dry, bitter and refreshing with a big punch from heavy late hopping with Waimea.
Paradigm Shift (2) 4.2% A classic best bitter, reborn. An amplified malt bill firmly reinforces generous additions of British hops with a Fuggles dry-hop
Speak Easy (2) 4.6% All american hepta-hopped IPA. Underpinned by a big malt character with a bitter tropical citrus finish.
Lady Liberty (2) 4.8 Juicy APA. A deep golden pale ale, packed with Simcoe and Mosaic with a heafty Citra dry-hop.

St Nicholas at  Wade

























More’s Head (2) 3.7% Light Hoppy Session Bitter – Named after Sir Thomas More whose decapitated head is believed to have been stolen by his sister and hidden in the Roper family vault in St Dunstan’s Church”. A chestnut coloured Bitter providing malt and roasted grains balanced by fruit and floral hop bitterness with a hint of citrus
1381 (2) 3.8% The year of the Peasants Revolt. A golden IPA combining pale and crystal malts with Williamette and Centenial hops to give delicate citrus and herbal aromas.
Imperium (1) 4.0% A deep amber Best Bitter with smooth biscuit malts and a hoppy nose. Brewed exclusively with locally grown Kent Bullion hops.
Montgomerry (1) 4.0% Amber best bitter exploding with citrus aromas and using exclusively American hops. Named after the SS Richard Montgomery which sank off Sheerness during WW2 whilst full of explosives and the Coastguard monitor the wreck even now
Fortitude (2) 4.2% The name of the plan to deceive Hitler that the allies were going to invade Pas de Calais instead of Normandy. Wantsum’s Flagship bitter first brewed in 2009. This Best Bitter combines four types of malts to give depth of body, with English and American hops for a pronounced hop finish
Dynamo (3) 4.3% Named to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Dunkirk evacuation, launched from these very Kentish shores. A crisp, light golden ale, fruity and floral with an orange citrus twist.
Hengist (2) 5.0% Named after the Anglo Saxon invader who formed the Kingdom of Kent, this golden pale ale has flavours of biscuit malt balancing a long fruit hop.
10th Anniversary Ale (1) 5.2% Strong English Golden Ale


Guest beers available as at 24th October

 Mill Valley


W. Yorks























White Panther (2) 3.8% A full bodied pale, that is easy drinking and very session-able. There is a blend of Cascade & Chinook, which gives this a rounded citrus flavour.
Luddite (2) 3.8% Luddite ale is a light amber beer, Brewed as a session beer for the ordinary working man or woman. It has a blend of Maris Otter, Crystal and Munich malts, and then hopped with English Hops. This gives the beer a smooth body, with a sweet finish.
NZ Pale (1) 3.8% Straw in colour, and a touch of sweetness from using Munich malt, this New Zealand Pale has had a late hop addition of Rakau and Taiheke, plus a generous dry hop to give it a citrus, grapefruit and new world hop flavour.
Luddite Rebellion (2) 4.0% English pale, Brewed with a blend of extra pale Maris Otter & Wheat malt, and then hopped using English Olicana, Endeavor & Cascade to give a citrus, grapefruit, red berries and fruity flavour. Then fermented with an American Yeast
British Bitter (1) 4.0% A classic bitter, brewed with British ingredients, right from the grain, to the hops, then a British yeast strain. Maris Otter, Wheat, Red Crystal & Caramalt. Then hopped using Admiral, Challenger and Goldings
Coffee & Walnut Stout (1) 4.6% This stout has a rich combination of Coffee and Walnut, full bodied, and easy drinking. Roasted coffee notes balanced nicely with notes of toasted walnut.
Mill Valley Extra – Fudge (1) 4.6% A smooth and rich stout, with added flavors of Chocolate Brownie, and a lightly roasted hint to balance out the sweetness. This is Fudge!


W. Yorks











Candidate (1) 3.9% Easy drinking pale ale late hopped and dry hopped with US Pekko (floral, citrus and mint)
Final Countdown V13 (1) 4.2% The thirteenth beer in our series of European-hopped pales, this time featuring Hallertau Blanc from Germany
Switch # 16 (1) 4.5% Number sixteen in our series of pales whose hops change with each variant. This time, Olicana & Styrian Wolf. Expect trocial fruitiness
Tinderbox ~(1) 4.5% Lapsang Souchong Brown Porter
Marquee (1) 5.4% Rich, golden IPA made with four juicy US hop varieties


Guest beers available as at 24th October

 Welbeck Abbey

Worksop, Notts

















Cubits Voyage (2) 3.5% Adventurously-hopped New World Pale with New Zealand hops in a super low strength brew to create a distinctively fruity pale ale.
Henrietta (3) 3.6% Clean-tasting, delicate golden ale, brewed with German Hallertau Brewers Gold which contribute notes of honeysuckle and fresh hay.
# Grow your Own (1) 4.0% Green-hopped Pale brewed with hops gathered from local hedgerows and gardens to create a fresh but slightly herbal tasting pale ale.
Harley (2) 4.3% Harley uses a blend of American and German hops to give an opulently floral honey-colour ale. Orange blossom and fresh zest are at the forefront with subtle sweetness behind.
Fruit Arcade (3) 4.7% This recipe uses a blend of hops from three different regions to give a fresh and clean fruit punch flavour , with an overarching grapefruit flavour from Chinook.
Cavendish (2) 5.0% Beautifully balanced blonde with crisp, zingy grapefruit flavours powering through.
The Govenor (3) 5.5% Black IPA, a luscious, robust dark beer is black in colour but deceptively hoppy. There is a touch of light roast to give body and depth as a backbone for a blend of resinous American hops.