Great Heck Brewery

Guest Beers

Guest beers available as at 17th December

 3 Piers

Poulton le Fylde


Blackpool bitter (1) 4.0% Traditional Copper coloured Bitter






Font (1) 3.8% Pale session beer brewed with chinook and cascade hops. Refreshing and moreish.
Littlemore Citra (1) 4.1% Hoppy, pale, bright ale, with a zesty citrus taste
Rainbows End (1) 4.5% Pale beer with plenty of malted wheat for a balanced mouth feel. Well hopped with cascade hops for both bittering and Aroma.
   Beer Brothers

 Preston, Lancs

True Brit (2) 3.8% A smooth, full bodied malty session ale


  Sinatra Pale (1) 4.0% Citra hopped pale ale









Bristol Best (1) 4.0% A classic best bitter to suit the Bristol palate. Based on a Sixties recipe using all-British malt and hops. It is temptingly copper in colour with a malty aroma and is notably well balanced with malt and biscuity tones, polished off by a satisfyingly bitter finish.
Bristol Gold (1) 4.4% A very well-balanced, exceptionally refreshing golden beer brewed with the rare English Bramling Cross hops for a slightly spicy, fruity aroma and flavour.


Quadhop (2) 3.9% Pale in colour with four varieties of hops provide a full range of floral and citrus aromas, and a moreish bitterness that drinks superbly down the glass.
  Nelsons Delight (2) 4.5% A well hopped, yet mellow amber bitter. The subtle aroma and flavour of dark rum adds sweetness to this well balanced premium brew.
  Moby Dick (3) 4.7% Hugely aromatic but mild in bitterness. American and English hops combine to give a subtle bitterness with a more complex mouthfeel obtained from an addition of oats and rye.
  Port Stout (2) 5.2% Wheat stout with port, perfect to warm on a winters night
  Dark Delight (2) 5.5% A complex, dark brown ale combining subtle coffee and chocolate flavours with a rich, hoppy aroma


Sterling Pale  (1) 3.9% A fairly hoppy pale ale. Easy drinking with a bitter, spicy hop flavour, a good session ale.
  Flipping Best (2) 4.6% A traditional dark brown best bitter. Strong malt flavours complemented with good bitterness and gentle hop flavours.
















Tournament (1) 4.0% An amber coloured thirst quenching session beer with a delicate floral aroma and a hoppy bittersweet finish
Jouster (1) 4.0% A drinkable, tawny coloured ale, with a light hoppiness in the aroma. It has a good balance of malt and bitterness in the mouth, underscored by fruitiness, with a clean, hoppy aftertaste
Fallen Knight (2) 4.4% A traditional Brown Ale. A full bodied dark amber beer with a ruby glow. There is no escaping the glorious maltiness of the aroma and this is delightfully complimented by the rich taste with a hint of hoppy bitterness
White Knight (2) 4.7% A well hopped bitter with a light colour and full bodied taste. Bitterness predominates in the mouth and leads to a dry, hoppy aftertaste.
Black Knight (1) 5.3% A very dark ruby red tinted beer with powerful chocolate malt aromas and a hint of vanilla. Very smooth, very rich dry malt flavours with a subtle hoppiness. A classic winter porter

 Mad Squirrel

Potten End

















Hopfest (2) 3.8% New world hop based pale ale with a bouquet of tropical fruit salad and underlined hints of lime. The flavour starts with a pronounced pineapple fruitiness and is followed by a lemon sherbert-esque zestiness
  Mister Squirrel (2) 4.0% An old school bitter for the 21st century, Mister Squirrel is classy liquid. It is a balanced and respectable brew, with vintage notes of toffee, vanilla, and nuts. A beer like they used to b
  De la Crème (1) 4.5% Dark as a moonless night and smoother than Morgan Freeman in a velvet suit, De La Crème uses added lactose sugar to bring sweet chocolate, caramel and cream flavours to your attention. More than just another milk stout
  London Porter (1) 5.0% A dark and foreboding ale, London Porter is a brew of mystery and intrigue. Hidden within its shadowy depths are lurking notes of coffee, chocolate and smoke.
  Burning Effigy (2) 6.0% Through the fire and ash emerges Burning Effigy, an export smoked porter. Thick, full bodied and undeniably smoky from use of specialist malts; burning effigy is the liquid equivalent of gathering around a bonfire: warming, satisfying, primal and slightly sinister

 Ilkestone, Derby










Tick  Tock (3) 4.0% Light brown traditional English bitter style beer with a rounded bitter finish
  Summit Hoppy (1) 4.0% Pale and hoppy session beer packed with a mountain of American summit hops
  APA (3) 4.2% Packed with Simcoe, Columbus and Chinook American Hops.
  True Gent (3) 4.3% Malt Beer
  Don’t Tell em your name Pyke (4) 4.6% American brown ale single hopped with cascade blended with the iscuit flavour from the Munich malt
  Stumbling About (1) 5.2% Ruby red strong beer that demands respect


S. Yorks

Ladon (1) 4.6% Hoppy Red Ale brewed using aromatic Red X as a base malt to produce deep, grainy and satisfying malt flavours that lead into a big hop hit from liberal use of a blend of US and NZ hops.









Farmers Best (2) 3.6% Dark amber ale brewed using our own malted spring barley. Goldings hops lend this brew subtle floral notes and a delicate rounded flavour.
Gold (1) 4.5% A rich golden ale brewed with our own malted barley and English Goldings hops.
Mockingbird & Mosaic ABA (1) 5.2% Brown winter ale with American hops


Storm (2) 6.0% Back by popular demand golden winter beer infused with a cocktail of hops.


W. Yorks





Henry Smith Brewery

Blonde (1)

4.0% Henry Smith Brewery – a partnership between Revolutions Brewery & Robin Hood, Pontefract – For The Industrious Folk. All beers are made with local ingredients – malt from Fawcetts of Castleford & English hops – all contain the Henry Smith signature of oats in the mash for body

Soft easy drinking Blonde

 Shiny Brew


4 Wood (2) 4.5% Traditional full bodied best bitter  UF VF GF
 Stockport Brew










Avant Guarde

Cutting Edge (3)

3.8% Deep golden colour with a white head. Fruity and light citrus aroma and taste.
Stockport Pale (1) 3.9% Brewed with the finest American Hops
Centaurus (1) 4.0% Light and fruity easy drinking pale ale.
Crown Best Bitter (1) 4.2% Pale copper in colour with a vibrant, fruity hop smell. Flavour is dry with toffee apples and a bitter finish.
StockPORTER (2) 4.8% Deep red in colour with a slight coffee roast smell. Flavour is rich with a chocolate and liquorice essence.

 Ashby de la

Zouche, Leics






Hackney Blonde(1) 3.9% A crisp pale session ale, refreshing with a citrus finish.
  Melbourne Bitter (1) 4.0% Golden session bitter with mellow bittering provided by English hops but with a refreshing delicate citrus finish.
  California Steam


4.2% Brewed in the style of a West Coast lager.
  Ashby Pale (1) 4.5% Golden pale ale with traditional medium bittering but with a refreshing citrus finish


Guest Beers available from 19th December

 Great Newsome

Winestead, Hull

E. Yorks






Sleck Dust (1)) 3.8% Original beer, straw coloured easy drinking session ale. Its bitterness the combination of both Pilgrim and Northern Brewer hops with a slight floral edge to the finish and apricot on the nose.
Pricky Back Otchan (1)   A hoppy golden bitter combining Pilgrim (UK), Northern Brewer (Germany) and Cascade hops (US), with a small amount of crystal and wheat malt, to produce a wonderfully robust beer with a beautiful depth of smooth malt flavour and a hint of sweet citrus on the nose.







Platinum Blonde (1) 4.0% Very pale, light golden ale, beautifully balanced
Darn t’Ginnel (1) 4.5% Chocolate Porter
Mucky Beer (2) 5.2% American Style Pale ale
Gino D’Compo Stout (2) 5.5% Tiramisu Stout
 Melwood Brew




Whiter Shade of Pale (1) 4.0% Single hopped with Chinook hops make for a hoppy but very drinkable very pale ale
Liverpool Porter (1) 5.0% A dark and lightly smoked porter