Great Heck Brewery

Guest Beers

Guest Beers available as at 20th November

 Blue Bee


Ekuanot Red 4.7% American hopped red ale with a biscuity malt body backed up with big tropical hop flavours from the US Ekuanot hops
Last Geek 6.5% IPA brewed a huge amount of Mosaic hops to give big tropical and pine like hop flavours with added oat malt and Vienna malt in the mash to give a complex malt body
 Cross Bay



Zenith (1) 5.0% Reasonably strong IPA, which is light and refreshing in colour and surprisingly moreish. It bursts onto the palate with a citrus and tropical body.






Eagle (1) 4.5% Traditional London Porter with a secret ingredient giving flavours of chocolate and honey
Cleopatra (2) 5.0% A complex beer, rounded off with First Gold hops and a hint of apricot.



Hopoholic (1) 4.0% This hoppy pale ale has multiple additions of EKG, Pioneer, Celeia and Challenger throughout the boil and then dry hopped to tropical fruity insanity with Galaxy whole leaf hops during maturation… give in to hopoholism!
Nelsons Delight (2) 4.5% A well hopped, yet mellow amber bitter. The subtle aroma and flavour of dark rum adds sweetness to this well balanced premium brew.
Coconut  Milk  (2) 5.0% Wonderfully enticing wheat stout with a pronounced bitterness and complex aroma coupled with an excellent wheaty mouth feel and exotic flavours from the coconut milk.
Espresso  (2) 5.0% Wonderfully enticing wheat stout with a pronounced bitterness and complex aroma coupled with an excellent wheaty mouth feel and exotic flavours from the addition of ground coffee beans.
Wheat Stout  (1) 5.0% A rich, full-bodied beer with a depth of flavour from a blend of wheat, barley and dark roasted malts. A distinctive hoppy bitterness ensures this remains a highly drinkable strong stout.
 First Chop

Salford Manchester

AVA (3) 3.5% Hopping with Saaz makes this beer reminiscent of classic continental lager but then comes that big craft ale punch we have all come to love from the Galaxy and Columbus.
SUP (4) 3.9% Pale amber, IPA style with a lower abv. but no holding back on the hops. Big tropical fruit notes with a spicy, resinous, smooth bitter finish. Dry hopped with Mosaic.
HOP (3) 4.1% Ultra pale yet with a wonderful subtle malt character from the floor malted Maris Otter. Pleasant bitterness and big fruity hop flavours. Dry hopped with Citra.
POD (3) 4.2% A classic oatmeal stout, the vanilla really bringing out the chocolate flavours, beautifully balanced bitterness and peppery, spicy hopping with hints of citrus.
MCR (2) 4.4% Rich and malty with lingering bitterness and tropical fruit and citrus hop notes coming through.
RED (2) 4.6% Rich spicy red ale. Fruity and spicy with big hop flavours and a pleasant lingering bitterness. Dry hopped with Columbus.




Little John (1) 4.3% Smooth and malty dark amber ale with balanced hop bitterness.
Sherwood (2) 4.4% Blonde with crisp lemon hop flavours coming from  European hops



Lincoln Magna Carta (2) 5.0% Full bodied golden amber ale made with Progress and Perle hops
 Milk Street




Milk Street Wheat Beer (1) 4.4% German Wheat Beer, Fruity gold and well-rounded
Devils Backbone (1) 4.6% Devilishly dark porter with flavours of elderberry



Umbel Magna (2) 5.0% Step back in time and experience the wonderful spiciness of this fabulous 1750s recipe inspired Porter which includes coriander.






RPA (Ramsbury Pale Ale) (2) 4.0% Classic English pale ale. Pale golden,great quaffing ale with a hop finish.
Flintknapper (1) 4.2% A select blend of pale ale and chocolate malt with Goldings hops give this smooth ale a rich amber colour and a taste with malty overtones.


Brown Cow Bitter (2) 3.8% Traditional session bitter
Amarillo (1) 3.9% Single hopped golden ale
Pilot English Pale (2) 4.0% English extra pale ale with UK pilot hops for a spicy lemon aroma.
Baby Hop Donkey (1) 4.2% Raw/Pigeon Fisher collab

Funkylicious New England IPA with bags of citrus hop flavour.

Unfined smooth and fabulous.

Crazy Daisy (2) 4.6% Golden session IPA with citrus aroma from US Comet and NZ Pacifica Hops
New Dawn (1) 4.9% Slight dry toffee malts with a moderate fruity hop finish
Chadrock Stout (2) 5.0% Dry Stout, easy drinking, malt flavours with smooth bitter finish.


W. Yorks



Grip Yorkshire Ale (1) 3.9% Chestnut-coloured session strength bitter with a fruity and lightly floral hop finish.
Switch #6 (3) 4.5% Light golden pale that switches its hop bill every 2 months (Mandarina Bavaria / Styrian Wolf)
Clash London Porter (1) 4.5% Dark ale made with 5 dark malts and hopped with legendary US hops for a smooth, rounded finish
 True North


Pale (1) 4.3% Light Straw Pale packed with Citrus and Floral flavours


Guest Beers available from 22nd November












Bristol Best (1) 4.0% Classic West Country best bitter with hearty, malty background. Based on a Sixties recipe using all British malt and hops it is temptingly copper in colour with a malty aroma and is notably well balanced with malt and biscuity tones.
Tremendous Delicous (1) 4.2% Beautifully balanced premium best bitter with a generous biscuit malt character and a supremely satisfying bitter finish. Complex blend of malts matched with classic English hops. An all British brew.
Sorachi Ace (1) 4.5% Totally unique hop variety; Japanese-developed, American-grown. Highly distinctive and sought after; a must-try

Hazy gold, lemon and coconut flavours. UNFINED

Foresters Black (1) 4.8% Lightly smokey, rich and full flavoured oat milk stout with great depth of character, deep red fruits and coffee tones.


Guest beers available from 29th November

 B & T



Shefford Bitter (2) 3.8% A pleasant and well hopped session beer
Plum Mild (3) 3.8% Dark mild with an aroma of stewed plums and soft plum fruit taste with some liquorice and chocolate leading to a dry, roasted malt finish.
Golden Fox (2) 4.1% Golden refreshing beer with fruity overtones
Dragon Slayer (3) 4.5% A straw coloured beer with a good balance of malt and hop flavours and a creamy finish hops challenger and cascade.
Edwin Taylors Extra Stout (3) 4.5% A pleasant bitter beer with a strong roast malt flavour
Shefford Old Dark (2) 5.0% A rich, fruity flavoured dark beer with caramel flavours
Dragons Gold (3) 5.2% A powerful golden beer with a fruity finished balanced with a hoppy finish.