Great Heck Brewery

Guest Beers

Guest beers available from 22nd April

 3 Piers



Old Tram (2) 3.9% Pale golden colour with white head. Light citrusy aroma and taste with a light fresh body
Blackpool Bitter (1) 4.0 Traditional English style malty bitter
Northern Gold (2) 4.1% Easy drinking session ale
West Coast Blonde (1) 4.6% Hoppy and bitter with a chinook, cascade and citra blend to give an all round fresh palate and moreish taste.



Hopmaster Series 11 Jarrylo & Mosaic (1) 3.9% This series is to celebrate the wonderful hops that are out there! Some of the beers will be single hopped to appreciate the full potential of that hop. Others will consist of more than one variety appreciating the wonderful flavours they can give combined into one beautiful beer full of hops !! All the beers of this series range from Extra pale to golden



Gorlovka (1) 6.0% A deep malt and hoppy aroma with liquorice throughout.  Roast malt, fruit and hops also carry through this full-bodied stout

 Clay Cross



Nodder (1) 4.2% Traditional style English Mild
Coffin Lane Stout (1) 5.0% Warming chocolate and coffee flavours are enhanced by a slightly bitter finish of Fuggles hops
Butts Pale (1) 5.5% Strong and pale with plenty of American hops, in the style of a west coast IPA.
 Beer Brothers

Preston, Lancs

Dunkel Storm (1) 6.5% A dark wheat beer, lightly carbonated and full bodied, with hints of liquorice and plenty of tart berries.

 Shipley, W.Yorks

Clocktower Porter (1) 5.4% Rich robust dark porter with hints of sweetness and a dark chocolate and resinous hop finish.


Odin (1) 3.8% Fresh, light bodied pale blonde ale brewed with the Czech noble hop Saaz and the highly sought after US hop Amarillo, together with rising stars from New Zealand. Expect a fruity, citrus flavour and moderately bitter finish.
B- Side (2) 4.2% Brewed as a refreshing session style ale, it’s pale golden in colour with a mild bitterness and a vibrant fruity hop flavour:
The Mancunian (3) 4.5% Blonde – IPA hybrid, drawing on the best of both styles to create a real crowd-pleasing beer. Amber and Crystal malts included in the purposefully delicately flavoured malt bill give a blonde with more depth, onto which we layer full flavoured Cascade, Columbus, Citra and Comet hops.
The Full Manc (2) 4.5% The beer is a refreshing and fruity IPA brewed with Cascade, Columbus, Equinox, Galaxy and Citra so it’s certain to be a hit with thirsty riders on the day.
Manchester Skyline (3) 4.6% This golden coloured ale boasts a grain bill featuring 6 different malts, which together provide a full flavoured yet not overpowering foundation for vibrant American and New Zealand hops
MMM (3) 5.0% Manchester Magic Mild is a stronger more full bodied mild than the usual style, brewed with a whopping 6 malts and 2 hops to give it a complex malty base


Nelsons Delight (1) 4.5% A well hopped, yet mellow amber bitter. The subtle aroma and flavour of dark rum adds sweetness to this well balanced premium brew.
 Half Moon

 Ellerton, York





Dark Masquerade (1) 3.6% A rich ruby/brown ale which is packed with dark chocolate and liquorice flavours.   Warm, smoky and intriguing
F’Hops Sake (1) 3.9% A bright golden ale with a refreshing hit of grapefruit and a good hoppy finish.
Kismet (1) 4.3% Pale ale single hopped with Nelsons Sauvin giving juicy gooseberry and grapefruit flavours with a crisp finish.


Platinum Blonde (1) 4.0% Blonde ale using low colour Maris Otter, oats and wheat malt with a combination of American hops for a tropical and grapefruit burst with a smooth bitternes
Virtually Unpronounceable (1) 4.4% Collaboration with Flathead Brewery

Double dry hopped imperial table beer.

The Golden Throat Charmer (2) 4.5% Honey IPA.
Golden Gate (2) 5.5% West Coast IPA brewed with Mosaic, Columbus and Citra hops.






















Dionysus (1) 3.6% Straw coloured bitter, powerfully hoppy with fine citrus flavours.


Justinian (2) 3.9% Crisp pale bronze-coloured bitter. Attractive bitter orange flavours persist into a satisfying lasting finish
Pegasus (2) 4.1% Complex copper-coloured beer. The initial hoppiness is balanced with a long fruity, malty finish. Very moreish
Sparta (1) 4.3% Refreshing pale bitter. Packed with hop flavours and crisp bitterness.
Minerva (2) 4.6% Golden ale. Brewed with US, NZ and British hops for a powerful hop punch and satisfying bitterness.
Nike (1) 4.7% Ruby Ale. A delicate balance between maltiness and hops makes this dark ruby ale a distinctive and quaffable pint.
Nero (2) 5.0% A satisfying, full-flavoured black brew with a good balance of malt, roast and fruit. Bittersweet flavours carry through to a dry finish. (unfined, VF)
Zenobia (2) 5.4% Strong blonde ale. Powerfully hoppy, packed with US and NZ hops


Marcus Aurelius (1) 7.4% Imperial Roman Stout — an enormous, luscious and velvety stout. Bursting with dark, roasty flavour with an underlying vanilla richness.

 Ilkestone, Derby

True Gent (2) 4.3% Malt Beer





Farmers Best (1) 3.6% Dark amber ale brewed using our own malted spring barley. Goldings hops lend this brew subtle floral notes and a delicate rounded flavour.


W. Yorks


Henry Smith

Dark Mild ()

4.0% Traditional style Dark Mild
The Final Countdown V9 (1) 4.2% We are marking the last few months of UK EU membership with a series of very pale beers featuring some choice European hops. Ninth in the series is Slovenian Kolibri.
Manifesto (1) 6.0% Rich strong stout with roast and coffee malts and a long, lingering berry-fruit finish.

 N. Yorks

Stout (1) 4.6% Dark beer brewed using five malts to give full bodied in depth flavours and a chocolate aroma.





Copper Ale (1) 3.8% Classic English Ale using Pilgrim, Cascade and Brambling Cross Hops. A subtle bitterness balanced with smooth malt notes and fruity hops on the finish.
Ruby Porter (1) 4.8% Dark and delicious porter with deep roasted malt flavours. Balanced with traditional English hops.
Extra Special Bitter (1) 5.0% Crystal and Chocolate malts give a warm glow to this complex, smoky, strong ale. Brewed with Pilgrim and Mosaic hops to produce a subtle hop balance and delicious deep fruity flavour.




Smoked Porter (1) 4.8% Dark chestnut in colour, with an intense smoked malt aroma and palate, balanced by spicy hops.
Haka  (2) 5.2% An award winning New Zealand Pale Ale that is dry hopped for three weeks.


StockPORTER (1) 4.8% Deep red in colour with a slight coffee roast smell. Flavour is rich with a chocolate and liquorice essence.
 Three Castles

 Pewsey, Wilts

Mocha Mild (1) 3.8% A rich black mild, with liquorice & coffee flavours.


White Knight (1) 4.1% A blonde beer with stacks of ripe juicy flavours releasing a vibrant fruity aroma, giving a fine dry finish
Imperial Knight (1) 4.4% A smooth golden with fruity & malty flavours.                


Grand Heritage (2) 4.8% A chestnut bronze. Bitter with a smooth taste. ‘A traditional English Beer’.
 True North


Stout (1) 5.0% Traditional Irish Style Stout




Imperium (2) 4.0% A deep amber Best Bitter with smooth biscuit malts and a hoppy nose. Brewed exclusively with locally grown Kent Bullion hops.
Montgomery (2) 4.0% Amber best bitter exploding with citrus aromas and using exclusively American hops
 XT Brewing

Long Crendon


XT Animal Mioung (1) 4.6% Rakau Amber Roast. Meow! A crafty feline of a beer – roasty malts nuzzle up with Galaxy and Rakau Hops from lands down under


Guest beers available from 23rd April

 North Riding


N. Yorks






Mini Enigma (1) 3.7% For our next “mini” series we bring you a fairly new hop from down under. Enigma imparts red fruit and a pinot gris type finish.
Hallertau Blanc (1) 4.0% This German hop makes a great impression with hints of wine, floral fruits and an aroma from sweet passionfruit to gooseberry
Vic Secret (2) 4.5% Vic Secret introduce appealing clean and distinct pineapple and pine characters to the beer.
US IPA (1) 5.5% US IPA dry hopped with Ekuanot and Comet. A dank, fruity IPA with tropical notes


Guest beers available from 29th April


 Stoke on Trent






















First Class (2) 3.8% This beer uses the choicest ingredients, carefully selected, to create a magnificent golden brown beer, hoppy yet balanced to offer a taste of luxury to the bottom of the glass
Steerage (2) 3.8% This beer embodies the opulence that using only the finest ingredients brings, sit back relax and enjoy the trip that this refreshing clean drinking, hoppy golden bitter brings, then let the fruit, malt and predominantly hops carry through to the aftertaste.
Black Ice (2) 4.1% This sumptuous warming beer is sufficiently well hopped to provide balance, which can come in handy when there’s black ice around
Anchor (2) 4.1% This impressive russet gold beer has a strong fruity aroma. Bitterness in the initial taste slips gently from the mooring to allow the full impact of the hops to burst through.
Iceberg (2) 4.1% A combination of Maris Otter pale malt and fine wheat malt, give this refreshing beer real zest. Add refreshing Yakima Galena and Cascade hops and what you get is a fantastic wheat beer that will hole any passing thirst
White Star (2) 4.5% A light refreshing distinctively hoppy beer with a freshness that belies its strength, so easy to drink it will fool all but the crustiest of sea dogs.
Plum Porter (2) 4.9% This beer is dark strong and well rounded; the richness of such a rotund beer is brought to an even keel by the late addition of Goldings hops and natural plum flavouring. Take the opportunity and go for the low hanging fruit, this sumptuous beer really is a plum!
Forgotten Gold (2) 5.5% Seasonal :  Golden, Fruity, spicy ale.


Guest beers available from 1st May

 Beer Brothers



Spring Pale Ale (2) 4.3% Spring as sprung and with it come a delicious Spalt hopped brew.. Earthy characteristics is balanced with dry hopping with Simcoe to unleash a fruity beer pack with wonderful flavours of a spring day… Vegan Friendly.


Guest beers available from 5th  June

 Beer Brothers



Milk Stout (1) 4.2% A dark, sweet and creamy ale. Smooth on the palate with gentle bitterness from dark roasted barley.

Steph Mansfield