Great Heck Brewery

Guest Beers

Guest beers available from  22nd  October



S. Yorks

Pretty Green (1) 3.5% Zesty pale brewed with freshly picked hops.
Phantasm (1) 4.5% Very pale yellow ale, well hopped with New Zealand hops to give citrusy, pine-like aromas.
Wolf (1) 5.0% The latest in our series of single-hopped IPAs. Wolf hops have an intense fruity and floral notes, including flavours of sweet tropical fruits and complex aromas of mango, elderflower and even a hint of violet
 B & T





Short dated

  Reduced to

  £50 per cask


Dunstable Giant (1) 4.4% This Beer is brewed using Pearl Pale Malt, Wheat Malt, Dark Crystal Malt, Roast Barley, Golding Hops
Dragon Slayer (1) 4.5% A straw coloured beer, dry, malty and lightly hopped. Brewed using Pearl Pale Malt, Wheat Malt, Challenger Hops and Golding Hops
Edwin Taylors Extra Stout (1) 4.5% A pleasant bitter beer with a strong roast malt flavour
Dragons Gold (2) 5.2% A powerful golden beer with a fruity finished balanced with a hoppy finish.


W. Yorks

Jonah (1) 4.3% Classic pale ale thanks to a whale load of Citra hops.
 Exit 33




Northern Best (1) 4.2% A nod to tradition this is our premium Northern English bitter.  It pours dark mahogany in colour with a smooth and wonderfully balanced malty base. Brewed with seven different malts to produce a deep rich flavour
 First Chop





SUP (1) 3.9% Pale amber, IPA style with a lower abv. But no holding back on the hops. Big tropical fruit notes with a spicy, resinous, smooth bitter finish. Dry hopped with Mosaic. GF
MCR (1) 4.4% Rich and malty with lingering bitterness and tropical fruit and citrus hop notes coming through. GF


S. Yorks

Asian Magestea (1) 4.0% Pale ale with Sri Lankan Earl Grey tea.
 Lincoln Green




Marion (1) 3.8% A full bodied pale ale with grapefruit citrus aroma and a biscuit malt finish.
Bowman (1) 4.3% Named after our legend’s occupation, this is a stand out hoppy little American Pale. If you’re a fan of Archer, give this a try.

 Newark, Notts







Liberty (2) 3.7% Tropical fruit arom with a crisp citrus hop finish
Pekko (1) 3.9% Refreshing Single hop brew with crisp citrus notes and a floral,herbaceous aroma
Lightening II (2) 4.5% Beautiful blonde with a crisp bitter finish
Mosquito (1) 4.5% Well balance with a lingering bitter finish
Boston Bitter (1) 5.0% American brown ale, full bodied with a bold fruity hop finish
Kiwi Pale (2) 5.2% Crisp refreshing brew with bold fruity hop flavours and a good bitter finish


Dionysus (1) 3.6% Straw coloured bitter, powerfully hoppy, with a fine citrus finish. Our 501st brew.
Justininan (1) 3.9% Crisp pale bronze-coloured bitter. Attractive bitter orange flavours persist into a satisfying lasting finish
Pegasus (1) 4.1% Complex copper-coloured beer. The initial hoppiness is balanced with a long fruity, malty finish. Very moreish.

 Ilkestone, Derby

Short dated

  Reduced to

  £50 per cask


Fully Fitted Freight (1)) 4.0% Gold coloured premium bitter with a fine blend of malts and hops leaving a dry  biscuit finish.
Tick Tock (1) 4.0% Light Brown traditional English style bitter

 Hebden Bridge

W. Yorks

Hebden Hop (1) 3.9% The perfect session blonde. Clean and refreshing and brewed with the favourite hop combination of Citra, Chinook & Cascade giving fresh fruit flavours and pine/citrus on the nose.


W. Yorks




Candidate (1) 3.9% Easy drinking pale ale, late and dry hopped with US Pekko


Switch #12 (1) 4.5% NEW  Light golden pale with a hop bill that switches every 2 months.  (Admiral and First Gold)
Swoon (2) 4.5% Chocolate fudge milk stout. Dark, smooth, silky, chocolatey sweet goodness.


W. Yorks

Gingerbread Mild (1) 3.6% A warming traditional mild brewed with winter spices & real root ginger.
 Severn (S7N)


Edge  Gloucestershire


Golden IPA (1) 4.5% Rich and full bodied IPA, using Citra, Cascade & Mosaic hops. A robust, fruity flavoured ale.
Extra Special Bitter (2) 5.2% Crystal and Chocolate malts give a warm glow to this complex, smoky, strong ale. Brewed with Pilgrim and Mosaic hops to produce a subtle hop balance and delicious deep fruity flavour.

Barry, S. Wales









Portland Pale (3) 4.0% West Coast style pale ale
South Island (4) 4.2% Our NZ Maori (very) pale ale. Dry, bitter and refreshing with a big punch from heavy late hopping with Waimea.
Flying Hellfish (1) 4.5% American brown ale
Speakeasy  (2) 4.6% All american hepta-hopped IPA. Underpinned by a big malt character with a bitter tropical citrus finish.
Lady Liberty (1) 4.8% Juicy APA. A deep golden pale ale, packed with Simcoe and Mosaic with a heafty Citra dry-hop.


Guest  Beers available from 24th October
















Farmers Best (2) 3.6% Dark amber ale brewed using our own malted spring barley. Goldings hops lend this brew subtle floral notes and a delicate rounded flavour.
Same Again (2) 3.8% A pale quaffing ale dry hopped with Waimea hops for a light citrus finish.
Deer Stalker (2) 4.0% A traditional amber best bitter with a pleasing hoppy aroma. Brewed with malted barley from our own fields
RPA (2) 4.0% A light straw coloured ale with notes of citrus and a bitter finish.
Flint Knapper (2) 4.2% A smooth rich amber ale with malt overtones. Brewed with a blend of pale ale and chocolate malt.
Milk Stout (3) 4.8% New English Milk Stout
Mockingbird & Mosaic ABA (3) 5.2% Brown winter ale with American hops


Storm (2) 6.0% Back by popular demand golden winter beer infused with a cocktail of hops.
  Sandiway Ales


Chain Breaker (1) 4.8% A delicious IPA made with British grains and hops from the USA.
 Shiny Brew









Wrench (1) 4.4% Stout with 6 different malts for a complex and rich flavour profile.  UF VF GF
4 Wood (2) 4.5% Traditional full bodied best bitter  UF VF GF
Affinity (2) 4.6% Multi award winning stong golden bitter with loads of fruity citra hops  UF VF GF
Disco Balls (1) 5.3% Big  hitting hop loaded IPA, with plenty of Citra, Chinook and Cascade  UF VF GF
Tomahawk (1) 6.0% A punch American hopped IPA, deep in colour and big in body  UF VF

Stoke on Trent





First Class (1) 3.8% This beer uses the choicest ingredients, carefully selected, to create a magnificent golden brown beer, hoppy yet balanced to offer a taste of luxury to the bottom of the glas
Black Ice (1) 4.1% Still deep in the grip of winter this sumptuous warming beer is sufficiently well hopped to provide balance, which can come in handy when there’s black ice around


Guest  Beers available from 31st October



















Lancer (2) 3.8% Delicious golden ale. packed with a plentiful quantity of Cascade hops to give a light, citrusy aroma and fresh taste, and an aftertaste full of tropical fruits
Tournament (2) 4.0% An amber coloured thirst quenching session beer with a delicate floral aroma and a hoppy bittersweet finish
Jouster (3) 4.0% A drinkable, tawny coloured ale, with a light hoppiness in the aroma. It has a good balance of malt and bitterness in the mouth, underscored by fruitiness, with a clean, hoppy aftertaste
Fallen Knight (3) 4.4% A traditional Brown Ale. A full bodied dark amber beer with a ruby glow. There is no escaping the glorious maltiness of the aroma and this is delightfully complimented by the rich taste with a hint of hoppy bitterness
White Knight (3) 4.7% A well hopped bitter with a light colour and full bodied taste. Bitterness predominates in the mouth and leads to a dry, hoppy aftertaste.
Black Knight (2) 5.3% A very dark ruby red tinted beer with powerful chocolate malt aromas and a hint of vanilla. Very smooth, very rich dry malt flavours with a subtle hoppiness. A classic winter porter

Steph Mansfield