Great Heck Brewery

Guest Beers

Guest beers available from 18th February

 3 Piers

 Poulton le Fylde


Poulton Pale (1) 3.8% Pale ale  



Glacier (1) 3.6% Light pure water session pale ale with a delicate hop finish.  
Best Bitter (2) 3.7% Toffee and lightly hopped British Amber session beer.  
Crème Bearlee (2) 4.8% A velverty stout with burnt cream, Madagascan vanilla and molasses  
Quantock (1) 5.0% Unique strong mild ale with a sweet caramel palette.  


Brentwood IPA (1) 3.7% A lightly hopped pale session bitter. A refreshing pint after a hard day at work  
Legacy (1) 4.0% Class in a Glass! Amber bitter, slightly sweet with light hoppy finish. Easy drinking at its best  
SPA (1) 4.1% Session Pale Ale with a relaxing bitterness and invigorating burst of Lemongrass, Mango & Passion Fruit.  
Brentwood Best (1) 4.2% Best bitter made with a good dose of Challenger and EKG hops giving a well rounded flavour and aroma. Light copper in colour  
Brentwood Gold (1) 4.3% Rich, golden beer with a slight sweet malt character and heavily hopped with powerful fruity Cascade hops that come through at the end, providing a great finish.  
Hope & Glory (2) 4.5% Full bodied red premium bitter. A well balanced bitter with full malt flavours and a  lightness of the hops coming through in the flavour, leaving a pleasing end note and lingering bitterness.  
 Don Valley


S. Yorks

Gongoozler (1) 4.5% Five malt stout  








Fallen Knight (1) 4.4% A traditional Brown Ale. A full bodied dark amber beer with a ruby glow. There is no escaping the glorious maltiness of the aroma and this is delightfully complimented by the rich taste with a hint of hoppy bitterness  
Black Knight (1) 5.3% A very dark ruby red tinted beer with powerful chocolate malt aromas and a hint of vanilla. Very smooth, very rich dry malt flavours with a subtle hoppiness. A classic winter porter  
 Iron Pier



Bitter (1) 4.0% An easy drinking bitter brewed using English hops and malt. Honey and Toffee flavours are complimented by spicy hops and smooth bitter finish.  
Victorian Stout (1) 4.6% Dark ale with hints of roasted corn kernel and a bonfire nose  
 Lady Luck


North Yorkshire

Magpie Mild (1) 4.5% Traditional dark mild.
Black Cat Porter (1) 4.5% Traditional roasty flavoured porter.
 Lincoln Green



Hood (1) 4.2% A heroic premium best bitter packed with premium Maris Otter malt and choice hops  







Magpie Best (1) 4.2% Classic traditional best bitter, glowing copper and full of malt character, balanced by some fantastic fruity British hops, First Gold and Bramling Cross.  
Raven Stout (1) 4.4% Our stout is rich, smooth and packed full of roasted malt flavours and a little sweet smokiness.  
Jay IPA (1) 5.2% Bursting full of British hops, this golden IPA is warming yet refreshing, fruity and aromatic, very moreish.  
 Mill Valley


West Yorkshire

Black Panther (1) 4.6% Brewed using Maris Otter, Oats, Chocolate Malt & Roast Barley, gives this stout a light vanilla & licorice flavour from the malts. Then hopped using English Challenger & Target for a fruity berry taste, with light spice notes.  

 Ilkestone, Derby



True Gent (3) 4.3% Malt Beer


Stumbling About (1) 5.2% Ruby red strong beer that demands respect  



Farmers Best (1) 3.6% Dark amber ale brewed using our own malted spring barley. Goldings hops lend this brew subtle floral notes and a delicate rounded flavour.  


West Yorks


Clash London Porter (1) 4.5% Dark porter made with 5 malts and finished with Cascade hops.  
Manifesto (2) 6.0% Rich strong stout with roast and coffee malts and a long, lingering berry-fruit finish.  

 North Yorks.

Stout (2) 4.6% Dark beer brewed using five malts to give full bodied in depth flavours and a chocolate aroma.  





Copper Ale (2) 3.8% Classic English Ale using Pilgrim, Cascade and Brambling Cross Hops. A subtle bitterness balanced with smooth malt notes and fruity hops on the finish.  
Double Hopped Pale Ale (2) 4.2% Hopped in the boil and during fermentation, with Ahtanum hops and the wonderfully aromatic Simcoe hop,to produce a flavour sensation.  
Chocolate Stout (1) 4.3% Sumptuous, full-bodied chocolate stout. Deep roasted flavours with big hits of chocolate and coffee, balanced by British Phoenix and Endeavour hops.  
Golden IPA (3) 4.5% Rich and full bodied IPA, using Citra, Cascade & Mosaic hops. A robust, fruity flavoured ale.  
Ruby Porter (1) 4.8% Dark and delicious porter with deep roasted malt flavours. Balanced with traditional English hops.  
Extra Special Bitter (2) 5.0% Crystal and Chocolate malts give a warm glow to this complex, smoky, strong ale. Brewed with Pilgrim and Mosaic hops to produce a subtle hop balance and delicious deep fruity flavour.  
 Spitting Feathers


Special Ale (1) 4.2% A malty, chestnut brown beer. Sweet malt complimented with distinctive UK hops.  


StockPORTER (2) 4.8% Deep red in colour with a slight coffee roast smell. Flavour is rich with a chocolate and liquorice essence.  



Anchor (1) 4.1% This impressive russet gold beer has a strong fruity aroma. Bitterness in the initial taste slips gently from the mooring to allow the full impact of the hops to burst through  


1381 (2) 3.8% A golden IPA combining pale and crystal malts with Williamette and Centenial hops to give delicate citrus and herbal aromas.  
Black Prince Mild (2) 3.9% A rich, full bodied Kent mild, smooth on the pallet with subtle hop notes.  
Imperium (2) 4.0% A deep amber Best Bitter with smooth biscuit malts and a hoppy nose. Brewed exclusively with locally grown Kent Bullion hops.  
Montgomery (3) 4.0% Amber best bitter exploding with citrus aromas and using exclusively American hops  
Fortitude (2) 4.2% This Best Bitter combines four types of malts to give depth of body, with English and American hops for a pronounced hop finish.  
Dynamo (1) 4.3% A crisp, light golden ale, fruity and floral with an orange citrus twist.  


Guest beers available from 19th February

 Beer Brothers

Preston. Lancs

Gold  (1) 3.8% A bright refreshing golden session ale, with hints of caramel and a smooth bitterness.
IPA (1) 3.8% A full bodied session pale ale. Packed with 3 varieties of hops to tingle the taste buds.
Sinatra Pale  (2) 4.0% A clean satisfying pint that is moreish, dry hopped with citra leaving a mild grapefruit taste.
Hop Chocolate (1) 4.3% Full bodied and well balanced, with notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate. Made with real cocoa and Liquorice.
Dunkel Storm (1) 6.5% A dark wheat beer, lightly carbonated and full bodied, with hints of liquorice and plenty tart berries.


Guest beers available from 20th February



New Forest Ale (2) 3.8% A bronze coloured best bitter. A combination of roasted malts and rich, aromatic hops provide a well rounded flavour and a distinctive hoppy bitterness.
Quadhop (2) 4.0% Pale in colour with four varieties of hops. (Challenger, East Kent Goldings, Pioneer, and Styrian Goldings) provide a full range of floral and citrus aromas, and a moreish bitterness that drinks superbly down the glass.
Cerberus (2) 4.2% This legendary premium bitter combines a chestnut coloured maltiness with a well balanced citrus hoppy bitterness and aroma, matched by a clean finish. Full-bodied, easy-drinking and subtly complex.
Honey Blonde  (1) 4.3% Light and refreshing blonde/golden ale, with subtle hints of honey and softly sweet malt. The finish is crisp and refreshing.
Apple Blossom (1) 4.3% Straw coloured and bursting with a lemon and grapefruit hoppy bitterness, infused with the subtle aroma of fresh apples
Mad Hare (2) 4.4% This auburn coloured speciality bitter is bursting with rich resinous hop flavours. Ginger and lemongrass add a spicy citrus bite to this spring favourite.
Nelsons Delight (2) 4.5% A well hopped, yet mellow amber bitter. The subtle aroma and flavour of dark rum adds sweetness to this well balanced premium brew.
Slovenian Gold (2) 4.8% Flavoursome Pilsner style ale brewed with Slovenian Celeia and Dana hops which impart a uniquew floral nose and a light sweetness. Lean, clean and very drinkable
Moonraker (2) 5.3% A complex dark brown alse combining subtle coffee and dark chocolate flavours with a rich hoppy aroma. Dark roasted berry and caramel characters sink deep into fantastic roasted bitter flavours which linger long into the finish.


Guest beers available from 6th March



Funky Monkey (3) 4.0% Best-selling, national award winner. Full of fruity flavours (toffee / citrus)
The Usual (3) 4.4% A smooth malty beer with fruity aromas and flavours that exhibit elements of apple, pear and stone fruit, brightened with hints of lime citrus.
Zig Zag (3) 4.5% Warm velvety Stout with a deep rich roasted malt flavour, a perfect pint.
Gt. Uncle John’s

Prohibition Ale (2)

4.6% American dark wheat beer.

The speciality roasted wheat malts give this beer a smoothness with mild flavours of caramel, almonds biscuits and bread

Beer (2) 5.0% A bright golden beer with complex fruit flavours that ends with a bitter sweet dry finish.
Gt. Uncle John’s Tarantula Juice (2) 5.0% IPA brewed with new world hops balanced with juicy citrus flavours
Morello Bordello (1) 5.2% Porter, Dark as the night with cheeky flavours of cherry
 True North


Best Bitter  (3) 3.8% A malty sweet traditional brown ale which is balanced with the spice and bitterness of bramling cross, a great uk hop.
Blonde (3) 4.0% A golden ale that is all about easy drinking with smooth vanilla and floral flavours. low on bitterness and full on flavour
Polaris Pale (3) 4.3% NEW  Pale ale brewed with Amarillo, Chinook and Simcoe
Stout (3) 5.0% Traditional Irish Style Stout

Steph Mansfield