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Response to the Budget

Yesterday’s blog created a lot of interest. It was focused on the beer duty increase. The following is the text of an email I wrote to my MP this morning which contains a response to the whole thing. I’ll post any response I get too.

Dear Nigel,

I’m very disappointed about the increase in beer duty yesterday as you would imagine. The way it was announced was typically misleading as usual. I’ve blogged about it here.

Furthermore I am alarmed that the Chancellor has continued his predecessor’s policy of shooting labour’s fox by announcing tax changes which punish the conservative’s core support, this time Mrs Thatcher’s army of self employed and small company directors. To say that the self employed receive the same benefits as everyone else is fatuous and will only serve to enrage, but who cares? They aren’t going to vote for corbyn.

The trend towards corporatism, coddling of large interests at the expense of the small is all the more alarming as we’re also told that we are to have an industrial policy! God forbid that the market should be allowed to operate.

The brexit vote was partly powered by deep disenchantment that government in the form of the eu saw no natural boundaries to its competence. It is a great shame that our government seems hell bent on mimicking this rather than doing away with it.

It seems that the project is to wind the clock back to 1974 and whilst I’m confident that you personally don’t desire this, and the legions of self employed and small businesses shutting up shop it entails, it appears that Mr Hammond and Mrs May are at best ambivalent.



Denzil Vallance.

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