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The Next Big IPA I Always Wanted To Make

Here at Great Heck we love our big IPAs. In recent years there have been much publicised shortages of the US hops which until recently were indispensable for a punchy, “West Coast” American style big IPA. This has made these beers increasingly difficult to make, plus everyone else was doing it, so what next.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Charles Faram and the fruits of their breeding programme in Slovenia we now have the hops that excited me so much on my recent visit there and the resulting big hitting “Styrian IPA” is now safely in the fermenter and will be available for delivery next week (WC 20/03/2017).

I have a sample of it on my desk as we speak and, although it’s still in the final stages of fermentation and not quite ready, I can report that it tastes absolutely stunning and would not be out of place on the taps in a brewpub in Portland, Oregon, except that it’s cask only and only available in the UK!

It has a solid malty backbone, a darkly golden colour and a perfectly bold balance of alcohol (6.5%) and fruity, zesty hoppiness from the blend of 100% Slovenian hops.

Get your orders in quickly because the first 13 barrel brew isn’t going to hang around long and it’ll be a few weeks before we brew it again… But the good news is that Slovenia has come up trumps and is producing varieties which are ideal for brewing exciting, modern beers. More please!



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